Nasty Juice One Shots - Wicked Haze

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  • ✔ New from Nasty Juice "Wicked Haze" Longfill Shake and Vape Aroma 20 ml.
  • ✔ Flavour: sparkling lemonade with fruity, blackcurrants
  • ✔ Box contents: 20 ml premium aroma from Nasty Juice in a 60 ml bottle + 100 ml Chubby Gorilla empty bottle.
  • ✔ RIENING TIME - The ready-mixed liquid is immediately steamable. With the mature time it becomes even more intense.
  • ✔ Manufacturer's recommendation: Shake and Vape principle. Bottle head open base liquid in it. !
  • Add 1.5ml of 100mg nic for a 3mg Strength and top up 80/20 premix 
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