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This New flavour released in 2022, recommended mixing % to be released soon

we have sourced some reviews from reddit to help you understand the flavour better

Frosting (CAP) 4% (1-16-22) – With FLV’s Frosting being my GOTO Frosting, I was curious to see how CAP’s new Frosting would fare. In two words, Pretty Good !!! Somehow Capella was really able to capture an almost pure Confectioners Sugared Frosting. Not buttery, not rich, but it presented with an almost creamy-ness to it, that might be better described as a “smoothness”. Very clean, somewhat light, but unmistakably a Frosting. Whether or not it had slight vanilla notes may be up to you, and I sometimes got a slight hint of it, but not strong enough to be called a Vanilla Frosting. Just a very clean, fairly neutral frosting, that was just a perfect capture of confectioners sugar. @ 4% it felt about as full as you could get it, yet, it was still somewhat of a lighter flavor. Sweetness was a few ticks above mid-level, but hey, it’s a Frosting !!! Nicely done, with nothing off-putting, and very accurate. If you need some nice finishing touches to add to your bakeries, or a sweet kick, this one, should be in your cart. Fluffy, light, accurate, and sweet, what else could you need in a frosting ? Easily a 9.5/10.