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This New flavour released in 2022, recommended mixing % to be released soon

we have sourced some reviews from reddit to help you understand the flavour better

Sticky Bun (CAP) 4% (1-18-22) – When I first saw this one, I feared, no FEARED, that there might be some CAP Glazed Donut in it, that has plagued me with PlayDoh since I tried it, years ago. GREAT NEWS, it’s NOT here !!! OK, but what is. An almost perfect Sticky Bun. Now you might have to tweak it, JUST a pinch, depending on YOUR tastes. The dough is fairly low in the mix, as is the cinnamon, which I think was almost brilliant, as they are not FORCED on you, BUT, they’re still there, just a little lower in the mix. The almost buttery honey-ness is beyond reproach, and it super authentic, smooth, and deliciously done. You may find yourself checking your fingers for sticky-ness after trying this one. Buttery rich, and smooth, the topping steals the show here, with an almost honey kissed finish. You could easily spike it with your favorite yeasty dough, maybe a smidge of Biscuit, or Cinnamon if you need to, but even as is, very convincing. I like that CAP held off on any heavy yeasty dough or heavy handed cinnamon, because you can just tweak (if at all), if you want to. Nicely rich and slightly above mid level sweet @ 4%, you may find this hard to put down. Later I may experiment by boosting the dough a bit, but I have to put it down long enough TO do that. Want a great sticky bun, click, click, “Buy Now”. 9.5/10.