DIY OR DIE - Sang Pétillant

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lavor Description: Sang Pétillant is a sparkling blood orange champagne recipe. The blood orange is exquisitely bright, sweet, and balanced masterfully next to light notes of white grapefruit and white grapes, followed by a finish of sparkling champagne. In development for the last 3 months, it’s been crafted with opulence in mind, and meant to be vaped immediately. No need to wait to enjoy, it’s perfect right from the start. If you enjoy mimosas on a hot summer morning by the beach, or just need a vape that is as playful as it is mature, then this is your new favorite recipe.

Flavor Creator: Wayne Walker - DIY or DIE

Suggested Mix Percentage: 10%

Makes 150ml

Suggested Steep Time: No steep required

Highly aromatic concentrated flavors contain ingredients which are prone to evaporation. As temperature rises, the liquids are more likely to evaporate as they are converted to a gaseous state. This process does not degrade the flavors, but it does change the characteristics of the flavoring. We recommend storing these flavors in a cool environment and limiting the amount of times you open them per mix. This will help reduce the amount of evaporation that could occur.