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HBML- Humble Juice One shots

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Prepare yourselves breakfast lovers, this fantastical blend of well loved cereals is here! A mixture of childhood favorite, sweet, playful cereal flavors that are so rare and sought after, they really do seem like the ideal treat for a unicorn. Lay out this majestic vape juice and you might just get a one horned friend come to visit you. A great vape that anyone (even mythical creatures) just can't resist.

On the inhale a sweet rush of fruity pebble mix will smother your tongue. Your taste buds will be delighted with each puff as those tart notes from that savory marshmallow dance across them. On the exhale, the flavor becomes even more sugary!

Primary Flavours: Cereal, Milk
Recommended Mixing Ratio: 15% - 20%
Bottles size: 30ml
Bottle Type:  Chubby Gorilla Bottle
Suggested nic - Prime Nic