MR Good Vape - Moon Sugar

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Flavor Description: A tantalizing mixture of a freshly baked sugar cookie, warm butterscotch and toasted graham cracker that will have you floating on the moon. Moon Sugar encompasses the rich and bright flavor of the perfect dessert vape. Perfect for those cloud chasers who want to blow clouds without sacrificing flavor. Crisp sugar cookie drizzled with warm butterscotch dusted with ground graham cracker.

Flavor Creator: Gary Riddle - Mr. Good Vape

Suggested Mix Percentage: 15%

Make 100ml

Highly aromatic concentrated flavors contain ingredients which are prone to evaporation. As temperature rises, the liquids are more likely to evaporate as they are converted to a gaseous state. This process does not degrade the flavors, but it does change the characteristics of the flavoring. We recommend storing these flavors in a cool environment and limiting the amount of times you open them per mix. This will help reduce the amount of evaporation that could occur.