Nasty Juice - Trap Queen One Shot

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Nasty Juice flavor in Shake and Vape package to mix your own e-liquid.

Amazingly sweet and juicy strawberry flavor in a pure and intense form you have never tried before.

Malaysia is renowned for its perfect aromas with intense flavor that lasts much longer than others. Perfect fruity and juicy tones of the Nasty Juice offer will appeal to any lover of fruit flavors. Fans of cool flavors will also be pleased. Perfect mango in balanced mixes with berries, but also sweet tobacco, Nasty Juice flavors are among the best. They are also available in a Shake and Vape package, so you just need to fill with base, shake well and vape.

Quality raw materials, modern production processes and perfect recipes, Nasty Juice is definitely one of the world leaders, both in the way they prepare their fillings and flavors, and in the final product itself. Nasty Juice meets all standards and certifications, so you can enjoy first-class e-liquids. Wide range of fruit and cool mixes for you to enjoy.

It is a highly-concentrated flavor, not a finished e-liquid. You need to mix the flavor with a base containing propylene glycol and / or vegetable glycerin.

20ml flavors in a 60ml bottle.
30PG / 70VG

  • Add 1.5ml of 100mg nic for a 3mg Strength and top up 80/20 premix
Suggested nicotine: Prime nic 
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