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Custard Combo
Slush Combo

A combination of One Shots and bottles. 

Select the Combo of choice:

~Custard Combo: Consists of 3x10ml One Shots and 3x100ml Unicorn Bottles 

1x10ml Mixed Berry Custard, 1x10ml Blueberry Custard, & 1x10ml Cinnamon Custard 


~Slush Combo: Consists of 4x10ml One Shots and 4x100ml Unicorn Bottles

 1x10ml Blue Razz Slush,  1x10ml Cherry Slush,  1x10ml Grape Slush, & 1x10ml Lime Slush


~Mango Combo: Consists of 7x10ml Mango One Shots and 7x100ml Unicorn Bottles 

 1x10ml Mango Freeze, 1x10ml Mango Banana, 1x10ml Mango Strawberry, 1x10ml Mango Grape, 1x10ml Black Mango, 1x10ml Mango Litchi, & 1x10ml Mango Pine