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Vape Train’s Shisha Banana Flavoured DIY Concentrate for e-liquid creations, is banana flavour that’s very versatile with a multi-purpose approach. This can be used in candy sweet styles mixes or can blend nicely in creamy and dessert e-juice recipes. Perfect as a standalone for a luscious thick banana flavour.

e-Liquid Recipe Guidance

Vaping is subjective therefore it’s difficult to know what strength is suitable for your palette. We suggest starting your batch with a small percentage and working your way up to reach your desired taste.

Food Grade Water Soluble Flavouring.
Ingredients: Imported Natural and Artificial Flavouring, suspended in Propylene Glycol and Ethanol.
e-Liquid Recipe Usage Recommendation Rate 2-5%
Steep Time Guide – 1-2+ days
Can be used as standalone single dimensional flavour or combined with other flavours.