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This New flavour released in 2022, recommended mixing % to be released soon

we have sourced some reviews from reddit to help you understand the flavour better

Milkshake (CAP) 4% (1-16-22) – In a word, WOW !!! I’ve got to give you more than that, right ? In many milkshake flavors I have tried, there was often a common “dairy” element, maybe even a “malted” element, that was used to simulate a “milkshake”, and I had expected it to be in this one as well. It wasn’t !!! This was exciting as that flavor/element/profile always seemed to be just a blah workaround. It wasn’t terrible, BUT, it always felt, “just kind of close”. Great thing for us, is that was NOT present here, and that really opened up the possibility for a newly new Milkshake for all of us. This presented as a very clean, and accurate Milkshake, BUT, without any typical vanilla, or malted profiles, which left it completely willing, and able to be molded into whatever you needed it to be. It was fairly creamy, and had good mouthfeel, but wasn’t the tops in either, but neither was lacking. For those of you in the US, it was VERY close to a Chick-Fil-A milkshake. Because it WAS lacking that aforementioned dairy/malted note, I could see almost unlimited uses for this flavor, and even as a solo, was pretty damned impressive. If you’ve been let down by other Milkshake flavors, or found yourself needing a clean, accurate one, this one should be on your list. It wasn’t buttery rich like LB’s VIC, but cleaner, like Sobucky’s Ice Creams. For my milkshake needs, even while not topping the ultra creamy or mouthfeel departments, I just couldn’t mark this one down. 4% left it full, rich, and just above mid-level sweet, and pushing it higher probably wouldn’t saturate it any more. Clean, crisp, neutral, accurate, without any off-putting notes. 10/10.